TangleTracer: TangleTracer is an experimental ray tracing platform based on the classic book named “Ray tracing from the Ground Up” written by Kevin Suffern, 2007.

TeamPie: The smarting pie division for ferocious team.

Coder from 22nd century: A demo of Micro-Situational Mixed Reality. You could check it out from this article (Chinese only).

SnowyOwl: Owl exploratory testing. You could check it out from this article (Chinese only) and slide.

Meixue: A static website IDE using Markdown, Electron, and Vuejs. The editing tool that this blog is written with.



敏捷与3C, Agile Design and Organization Structure


Blockchain learn in non-consulting way, Easy Blockchain


Building Modern Enterprise Searching Platform: Introduction & Concept


Debugging Rails Applications, Rails Continuous Delivery

For beginners:

Learn ruby-lang the ThoughtWorker’s way, ruby test 1, ruby test 2, Ruby core: scope & self, Ruby Mid-term Test, Introduction to ruby api, Ruby Test 3, Ruby core: Implement OOD, Ruby Test 4

For development:

Portable Document Format online generating, i18n 💑 gettext, Learning Tools Interoperability, SSO: CAS, LDAP, AD


MongoDB data modeling


How to draw a bunny, How to scan a bunny, How to render a bunny in modern style: I


Introduction to ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, Learn to be a professional programmer, Four years